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Learning Love...And He Doesn'T Get The Girl
MC ( / New Jersey)

Learning Love...And He Doesn'T Get The Girl

Poem By Mr. Cheese

Everyday I lied to myself
Thinking I had a chance, or a hope
One that she would come up to me
And take me in her arms as hers

A true underdog
Braving the consequences of failure and embarrassment
I trained myself to do or die for this
Cause In my eyes love knew when it was there

And I was in love
Not with a girl, but a woman
One that could walk outside on a rainy day
And let you witness her turn everything to sunshine

It was as if she was given an aura
Only to allow her to be touched by the finest of things
Nothing on her wrong or misplaced
Just perfectly flawless

The sight of her
Replacing my chest and throwing butterflies as it's substitute
But she was too beautiful for me to let that get in the way
So I had to step up and knock those emotional setbacks out the way

Cause she was my Wonder Woman
And I wanted to be her Superman
The vision was clear
If I were to work up the courage to ask there would be no denial

But blinded by my own love for her
I wasn't able to see how she didn't feel for me
So on this platform I stood
Marching my way toward her as if I had an army behind me

Finally I was able to stare into those eyes that bring paradise to mind
Finally I was able to look her in her heavenly face that results in me stuttering
Finally I was able to get past her smell that was a fragrance of an angel
And finally I was able to be put aware, she did not want me

My heart, crumbling in my chest as she told me
It was my first time feeling the way I did
And without the Hollywood ending
I didn't think I ever want another beginning

But she told me with her signature smile
That what I did was cute and brave
And although things aren't as gone planned
I should take pride in becoming a man when it comes to love

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Comments (2)

Good for you for taking chances! ! After all...isn't that what life is truly about? It's those moments when you put yourself out there...that you learn to live. Bravo for you! Great poem...very enjoyable! Hugs, Dee
love is like crawling out from the rubbles and you were hugged by a beautiful woman and she says ' i want to live with ya'. thats love!