IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Learning New Skills: Something A Little Different

I smell the rancid stench of fear.
Although you sense that I am near.
You give no credibility
to anything which you can’t see.

You don’t believe in ghosts as such
And yet you’re conscious of my touch.
But you refuse to listen to
the inner voice that’s telling you

There are some things you can’t explain.
Some hidden aspect of your brain.
Which knows a great deal more than you
are prepared to believe is true.

You are aware your terrified
of something but you can’t decide.
If it is fact or fantasy.
Should you fight or should you flee.

I can’t do what I used to do.
All I can do is frighten you
I cannot harm you physically.
That pleasure is forbidden me.

I feed upon the scent of fear
To satisfy my appetite.
Before I died I used to kill
And if I could I would still kill.

But I cannot I’m just a ghost
one of the great unnumbered host.
Who have to pay the penalty
for who and what they used to be.

A never ending punishment
For those who can’t or won’t repent.
As long as I can frighten you
I will continue making do.

A lesser thrill I must confess
But it feeds me none the less.
The taste of terror exquisite
It titillates my appetite

for cruelty. I am still proud to be
operating sadistically.
Inflicting mental cruelty.
A student of psychology.

Although you sense that I am near
You cannot understand your fear.
There’s very little you can do.
I am more powerful than you.

Though disembodied I exist
as tenuous as morning mist.
And while I do your fears persist.
You need to find an exorcist.

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