AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Learning The Lesson

Tomorrow, is another day, I
learned the lesson, the hard
way! You can't put your eggs,
in one basket, as it never works
out right. I'm sure, most of us
have tried it and ended up, in
some sort of plight! Everything
you do, has to be given a lot of
thought, you can't, jump right in.
For if you do, you'll find out,
there's no way, you can win! A
well thought out decision, is the
best by fa, you're taking the time
to access things that helps you,
you, raise the bar. Never, be in
a hurry, take it nice and slow,
make sure, before you come to
any conclusion, you're really in
the know! In that way, you can
rest easy and feel, quite sure.
They'll be no more doubts and
that's what it's all about, of never
again, feeling insecure!

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