Learning The Motion Of Heaven

Sultry lovers build to an endless night of pleasure while
a homeless man is chased in confusion from his bench.
A CEO puzzles on a major corporate merger while
a prostitute puzzles on how to survive out in the cold and
a brilliant lawyer captures the imagination of the courtroom
as the jury no longer cares if his client did the crime and
an esoteric recluse knows the answers to most problems but
no longer believes in the goodness of mankind and
we're learning the motion of heaven.

Children are born with diseases beyond curing while
a baseball player sits unless he gets a million more.
A killer stalks a city with a rage beyond all caring while
a priest struggles with lust that's getting harder to control and
a figure skater raises human grace another level
as her breathtaking jumps reach a height before unknown and
a criminal learns to take more money from the system in
schemes of never before attempted temerity and stealth and
we're learning the motion of heaven.

A hero stops to help the victim of an accident while
a hockey goalie stops the championship game's last shot.
A factory worker runs an assembly line like clockwork while
a poet tries to capture life's complexities and depth and
a doctor's idea in a desperate operation
saves the life of a man when most all hope was gone and
a receiver catches the superbowl's final winning touchdown and
a clean up hitter hits the world series final game home run and
we're learning the motion of heaven.

by Michael J. Rosella

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