(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

Learning To Fly

One day I will find my way
Through the twisted maze
Of fear and depression
It's a slow succesion
Into the clear blue sky
I'm in another dimension
Stuck in this war
Every corner a turn
Every corner a door
So unsure of what to do
As I stumble through
My heart beats slower
I sink lower
Onto the indefinate ground
Everyone else is gone
Everyone else knows
The way to fly
The vine grows
Up the confining walls
It can touch the sky
I envy this
I need to fly
The vine is my friend
The only other living thing
And it seems
To tell me something
But yet, I wonder
Day after day
As I wait to fly away
The doors lead nowhere
Into the night
The only way is the sky
The only way is flight
An ironic thing
Discovering you have wings
Even though they would say
I would not believe those things
All you have to do is believe
Believing a lie
Believing to fly?
It's just how I feel
An ironic thing
Deciding to climb the wall
The vine, my friend
Doesn't want me to fall
Into the night
Or keep wandering on
Through a maze of self pity
Reaching the top
It doesn't stop
The feeling of satisfaction
Standing on the threshold
Spreading my beautiful wings
The beginning of the end
The beginning of a friend
Who helped me see
That I deserved to be free
from myself.

Here is a video I made based on this poem, check it out
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=MymqHJ5F-do

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