NK (07/09/1974 / USA)

Learning To Love

I never thought
There could be one like me
Folks enraged in a battle of a lifetime
Always abandoned, always alone

No one as helpless as me
Home was like a battle ground
Dodging bullets
Just to get through the night

Love was something for the movies
It was never discussed in our home
I was always sure of one thing
There was no one I could count on
There was none that I could trust

Finally, one day, I got a chance from the heavens
To leave all of my past behind
And go to the US on a flight of a lifetime
Never to look back on this life that I left behind

A thousands hopes, A million dreams
I set out to conquer everyone of em indeed
I was gona be larger then the Cathedral of St Paul
But, without ever learning the language of love
After almost reaching the top
The only thing I knew nothing about
Surely brought me down on my knees

Love is an integral part of us
Without it our life is utterly vacant
It is hopelessly incomplete!
For it is the essence of God


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