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Learning To Survive

Darkness became my best friend
Pretending to live without weakness
He who keeps my secrets inside
And allows my tears to be unseen
Masks my insecurites for life
Ask me what I'm afraid of
I'm unashamed to tell you
My obsession's got the best of me
And all of life's choices seem planned
Perhaps to add to complete misery
An unfair approach to living
She's unsuccessful in her work
Always a little too curious
Too quick to wonder what's invisible
What remains lurking behind the shadows
This might power her nightmarish dreams
A longing to become something more
Yet her demise speaks against her
How could you not hear it?
These eyes screaming so subtlely
She's bleeding with some insight
Hiding behind her faithless knowledge
I swear I could hear the wind whispering
Breathing your name quite silently
A combination of paranoia and your ego
Each belong without recognition
But your lies are crystal clear
Life's not objective to justice
But rather learning to survive

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