Leary's Legacy

Liquid ceilings that ripple and spin,
Claws for hands and hooves for feet
Waiting for reality to rebegin
Odd expressions from people you meet

Timothy Leary has a night club show
Night after night, the doc puts on his act
When I'm not 'tripping', I might like to go
Just to see how the people react

Brilliant minds reep strange rewards,
As baby-boomers could surely confess
Tim had kids running to him in hordes
With long hair, beads, and a strange manner of dress

And what of Syd Barrett, that founder of Floyd
Whose spellbinding music enhanced many young minds
Why did his brain simply slip into the void?
An investigation may counjour int'resting finds

The sixties are gone, but it's memory won't die
Even today, almost three decades past,
College students continue to 'fry'
How long could this pass-time possibly last?

Leary's Legacy is definitely one for the book
And his saga continues as all can see
I wonder how many hits that generation took
I wish I had some right now, to set my head free

by Michael Troy Buffo

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