Least Of My Concerns

I am often associated with some affiliation of some kind.

'What faith are you?
What are your beliefs?
What religion do you practice?
And which group influences your mental outreach?
Are you Christian or Muslim?
Or both? '

And when I reveal I do not read as much as I should,
That discredits their preconceived assumptions.
I have an identity embraced from my own point of view.

'Where do you get your ideas? '

Which ones?

'You know...
THOSE ideas? '

I don't understand.
Help me comprehend.
Ideas associated with thought and that process?
Which ones?
My acceptance of a Higher Intelligence,
That keeps me connected.
My ability to appear calm, cool and collected,
When someone 'disconnected'...
Assumes my quality of life,
Does not reflect a materialism...
They can focus into and respect?

Suppose I told you,
I am fully aware of my flaws and blemishes?
And chasing materialism and the affects of it,
Is the least of my concerns.

'That's what I'm asking.
Where do you get that?
You have such a knack for humor.
It is a blend of sarcasm AND cynicism.
How do you do that?
You're funny! '

Oh, I'm hysterical!
I was declared out of my mind years ago.
With acknowledgement.

And, check this out...
Expressing my gratefulness to God on a daily basis.
For all of the gifts I've been given.

'You should do stand up comedy.
You are one funny dude! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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