NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

Least We Won'T Forget

Maybe we need not to forget,
Is our life just too easy,
Can our goals be met?

We worry about others,
Isn't that their problem?

Can we simply just set by while they take another?
At first they came for others?

Now, they cry is they are coming after us!

Give them a day, a month or year or two,
They surely will be coming after you!

You can't forget to mention this,
What really happened with such bliss,

To oh so many of those Jews,
Could that really had happen as we stayed in our pews.

We were so intent to see the light,
That we were blinded by the darkness and their might!

Little often, but often given,
A prayer to two as they headed to heaven.

To many in politics, what difference does it make,
One or two soon becomes well over a million!

I'm living proof, that we need not repeat or re-live the Horrors of war,
And we can too give tribute.

We must remember the brave few,
The people who stood to protest the treatment of the Jew.

One by they suffered too,
Put in camps,
And killed,
They suffered so we might live.

Now, today when you study,
Learn what inhumanity does to the human body? Look what hatered does to man
Do this so this problem will never surface again.

by Nadalia Bagratuni

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