Leave All Hunts

Worry not
The battle shall be fought
In streets for food
The bread shall be snatched from neighborhood

The sources shall be scarce
Men shall be tired of curse
Human being may drive desperately
They will not be able to maintain separately

The world is after pleasure
But not for peace treasure
They will have no peace
And life shall be not at ease

Even dogs may feel better
As someone will make food offer
But to human being no one
He will be knocking door of everyone

They will need blessing
And that shall be missing
God shall also not consider
And send any reminder

So leave all worldly hunts
And fear about future brunt
Keep right turn to happiness
With smile on face

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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was really intrestijg Lizzy Nellis4 minutes ago I love your poem :) keep up the good work Comment +1
I dig it Timo ryan5 minutes ago Good
welcome Ade Caparas Manilah, แทนขวัญ พอใจ Just now · Unlike · 1
Cynthia Buhain-Baello Thank you Hasmukh Mehta- we won't have time to worry we won't even have time to ask What was that? 3 mins · Like Hasmukh Mehta that nature shall fall with heavy hand, , you will fear end, you may leave world with eyes wide open.. that is no time to ask
Sri Hartini likes this. Hasmukh Mehta welcome Just now · Unlike · 1
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