(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Leave Me Alone

The meaning of leave me alone...
Does not really mean to leave me alone,
Not to be alone in my loneliness.
But to leave me alone,
As I contemplate how long I will have you wait...
Until I'm ready to end your suffering.
Of course...
Someone has to suffer behind this childish activity.
And it's not going to be me.
I'm the one initiating the dismissal.
I'm entitled to at least grovel in thoughts
Someone actually cares I am acting like a child...
And will come to give me kisses!
On my terms!
If I should suddenly hear the door open and slam close,
I am quick to spring to my feet to give chase.
Do not allow me to do that,
And I discover you have done that to get my reaction!
I am quick to learn,
Just 'who' toys with my affections!
When I decide they are given!
Leave me alone!

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Comments (3)

I think the content sums up precisely what 'leave me alone' so frequently means.
LOL...I couldn't resist it. If I had titled the poem, 'Come Here'...you would 'leave me alone'. Writing is such an appetizer. Thank you, Callie.
I bet no one can resist reading a poem entitled 'Leave me Alone.' It does capture the 'childishness' of lovers' quarrels (in many lines) .