Leave Me Alone!

I’d like to awake
Without being woken
To just sit and think
With no word spoken

by Scarborough Gypsy Click to read full poem

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I think this is a classic heh A year after reading it for the first time, it still makes me smile... Hope your environment has improved since...
Truly relate Gyps, this is good...
Who of us who have families hasen't longed for 'a place' to escape to, to get away from everything that pulls at us? ? ? Well Said. Scarlett
lol brilliant! Know that feeling well! Moyaxx
I like the way you write about the things we all go through. Another wonderful poem. avr
Yes I can completely relate to this poem - I have an office now - just for me!
Philippa, I agree with your comments and have done some fine tuning on the mitre. I think you will see an improvement now. Thanks for that. SG
Get's my vote - for reader identification.
I really like this poem - and can relate to it. I think I would check on the last few lines and maybe alter them a bit because you lose the otherwise perfect rhyming. Well done!
Don't we all feel like this sometimes? :)