Leave Me Be

I sit here, yes, in these four walls,
I sit here and I wait,
For time will surely pass this way
And make me leave, as if I'm late.

I wouldn't go if up to me,
I'd lock each door, close every gate,
It slaps my face, it punches me,
It tortures me, it won't abait.

This place is where I hide away,
A place where I can spend my day,
Not bothered with the people round,
Not bothered by the worldly sounds.

I have no will to entertain,
No urge to even speak,
Inside I barely need to breathe,
Inside I'm tired, my mind is weak.

Why can't you people understand,
I just dont want to hang around,
I just don't want to laugh or smile,
You talk too loud, that wretched sound.

I wish to pause inside my head,
And be myself just naturally,
To be the weird, misunderstood,
To write my thoughts, just generally.

This fast paced world is not for me,
I like a slow paced certainty,
Bars set too high, dictated days,
No, leave me here, please leave me be.

by Sarah Louise Persson

Comments (9)

Solitude by choice may be so misunderstood... They may think you reject them or that something is ailing you. Beautifully written poem. Thanks for sharing.
Often, the demeanor of artists- -those who are constantly trying to catch up with their souls.. Very fine work, Sarah!
very emotive and relatable.
A TEN Vote and many many +++++, for your fantastic poem, Sarah
LAST PART: This is such an amazing creation from your deepest inside, Sarah, I have read with greatest pleasure, because I read so many things I was in too. Fascinating poem and be sure that in your future lies all that introvert part which was inside constantly, outside, in the free air. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent poem with the best end rhymings.
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