HK (june 23 / nigeria)

Leave Me To My Element

leave me i beg to my element
let me my mistakes make
let me shameless myself correct
till to my allure at least i try
as my thoughts ring on for greater heights

leave me to my element
let me myself see the world
a push or word in the right direction
gently, though doesn't hurt
as with pride in later years
my heart lifted i'll tell my tale

let me alone to my element
let me caress and bring forth love
let me myself my element rub
for later in years i'd see it shine
let me dirt in me myself remove
and in my way i'd say thank you

leave me alone to my element
though by my side you could guide me right
as i gracefully wallop and gallop a happy man
searching and wandering the world
till i grow a man on my own
with your shadow at my back
a man in mine own element

by hamid kareem

Comments (8)

This is what I call freedom of being oneself, learning life in one's own way by being himself..without the boundaries and restrictions.. I really appreciate the way you have have depicted the message...
Wow! What a nice and precise message. I'd recommend this poem to parents who are overprotective. Keep it up.
I love the message of this poem, almost something I want for left alone and learn things on my own. Nice one.
As above vereine, as you know. Very nice indeed. I enjoyed this text allot. Easy flow.
Rare subject well written loved this effort......take care!
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