Leave Me With 'something' To Imagine

You could either have my name engraved,
In marble.
And placed on your mantle.
Or have my portrait hung above it.
But know this...
You have elevated me to that position.
With 'your' expectations,
I have no desire to meet to compete.

I will,
Live my life as basically as possible.
Just as I have done,
Prior to any decisions you have made...
To believe my ego has a desire to become inflated.

If I should ever perceive myself that way?
You will need a slab of marble.
And a wall much bigger to hang my mural.
With a ceiling so high,
The use of binoculars would not give it justice.

How many times have I told you,
Flattery is cool and I like it.
But I just want to be 'me' with you.
Get dressed.
I've already told you,
You are beautiful enough...
Without you always greeting me at the door,
With wine, cheese and your nakedness.
Leave me with 'something' to imagine.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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