Leave! Stop It! (Guns Click)

Poem By Arienne Smith

When i dont be a bother, youre there egging me on
when i want to talk you dont want to see my face, you leave me alone
When i try to be a burden you wont let me
when im trying to swim around you, you catch me and pull me under

Why cant you just butt out and leave me in a way of my own sacrifice
why do you take the time to personally ruin my life
I try to run from the strife, but i cant hide
not even in the back of my own mind

I try to close the world off and you keep breaking through the barrier
i try to shut myself out and you keep trying to make me see my reflection
Cant you see im fine really I just...I just like to be in solitude
im not hiding from the world please dont say that! !
Im not afraid of anything quit making me mad!

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Powerful poem - I like it! Well done kt

5 out of 5
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! ! ! ! ! !

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