Leave Them Alone

Leave them alone,
With their induced indoctrinations.
They have become intoxicated,
With addictions believed!
And these inflictions,
Have left them afflicted...
In mindsets neglected,
To be left deranged.
Whether or not...
They decide they must change!

This is not their decision...
To accept or remain the same.

They can not conceive,
That the only thing real
Is the breath they breathe.
And when the time comes,
Reality will stun them.
They will not accept it!
Although with their eyes they will see!
With wishes to reject it.

They have been conditioned...
They are superior than life itself.
And there is no match,
For the 'brains' they alone maintain!

Leave them alone!
From this revealing shock...
They can not flee.
It is beyond their scope...
Of divisions of religions,
Or mindless racist inequities!

Let them find out for themselves...
That this existence experienced,
Broadens the concept of possibilities!
And self righteous implications,
Of a non-entity such as their 'purities'!
Are what they are...

These are but just a few...
Deceptions to be undone to redo!
Coming to enlighten.
Head-on without a preview.

Leave them alone!
They are no challenge for what confronts!
And they will discover that,
On their own!
Leave them alone...
To tolerate an ignorance,
They have shown they alone have condoned.

There will be no tolerance...
For such an accepted wickedness to enlist!
Leave them alone,
To discover the true Wizard of their Oz!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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