Thus I See You

I see you in the glory of heaven
with no qualm for appeasement of life

I see you in the cascade falling from mountain
having joules of energy to flow the life

I see you in the clouds floating in sky
always ready to quench thirst of life

I see you in the blooming flower
strewing multi-colors of life

I see you in the rainbow
making spectacular achievement in life

Aura of your mystery is scattered
over greenery, ovating for new life

When cloud is colliding with mountain peaks
throbbing of my heart emulates
fusing all haughtiness of my life, then
I realise your dazzling karma
always eager to prosecute
more and more progress in life.

You are the only and only
who is keeping the wheel of nature
always in motion

Thus, I see you
as mother of all evolution.

by ramesh rai

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