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Leaves Never Show Off
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Leaves Never Show Off

Poem By Anjali Mandokhot

Like sentries around a proud prince
Brave, yet humble subordinate
As youthful and as handsome
Destined but to a commoner's fate.
Green liveried-no not out of envy
But out of altruism great!
Not meant to be caressed and praised
Even to be looked at, they wait
And seldom ever any eyes care,
To spare them a glance; what a fate!
Leaves never show off-
Their lies their beauty, their fate.

Like that simple girl next door
Unexposed -to staring glances.
Her lashes always speeking to the earth
From head to toe draped in shyness
Aware though of her youthful beauty
Yet calm, solemn with dignified coyness.
These leaves hang out from the stem
Sans any pride or lordliness
And as she shies away, if asked her name
A touch drowns them, in nervousness
Leaves never show off-
Their lies there beauty, their saintliness

Yet once for all give them a glance
How like a sage do they look.
Those fragile veins wrapped in green
Breathing for the plant at every nook.
Nurturing the bud, the flower, the stem
A motherly task, since ages, they took
If flowers beckon you like a beautiful face
Embracing open arms these leaves look
They aren't to enjoy their labour's fruits
But only to serve and die as gook
Leaves never show off-
Their lies the beauty of these nature's hook.

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Comments (3)

I flirt not with thy name, but with thy person, for your words are like leaves in my hand the they fertilize my soul.
Leaves never show off It is their humility...good poem
lovely......Lovely So true...........my dear.....