Leaves Of Change

New colors show through this canopy
Of my ever-changing soul;
Change echoes through this deteriorating
Heart that composes a new melody.

With the change of seasons comes
The death of a former self;
My eyes have awakened along
With my spiritual resurgence.

Yet the hour is late for this season
And the days grow shorter;
The time I have with you dwindles
And yet, you have yet to tear this canopy.

Even in the retreating sunlight
I can now see you as you are;
Your beauty shines through your canopy
And reaches for my heart through your eyes.

Yet the past has left my canopy
Torn and stained from reckless abuse;
Still I can feel the change and only hope
In our fleeting hours, that you may reside under my canopy.

by Jonathan Kyle Vargason

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