Oh Father

Oh Father!
A man full of fun and laughter.
Endowed with magnanimous heart
As big as the earth.

Your blazing words
Left indelible impression on my memory.
You aren't a hero known by the world,
But a legend that live in my memory.

Oh Father!
The best memory I nurture,
Is the gift of thy presence,
That graces with vivacious effervescence.

The smile on my face
Is a reflection of your contagious smile
Forever will i cherish that special smile,
And that warm embrace.

Dedicated to the dearest one, Ejire I.A.
Copyright © 2019 Ejire Michael

by Michael Ejire

Comments (4)

Many great details of the universe in this write. Whitmans love for nature is evident in this write. Enthralling.
Whitman has such a wonderful feel and melody - words so well written and composed. But this is perhaps a bit too long for me - the daily reader - perhaps more for students who have time to study the assonance Whitman pulls from thin air. As a browser though I must say the first few stanzas exhausted my time.
Under Thee only they harvest- even but a wisp of hay, under thy great face, only; Harvest the wheat of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin- every barbed spear, under thee; Great poet and great the poetic talent. Always feel quiet submissive with the radiation of such uttered words.
Long well written poem.