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Leaves Of Red
TAM (1940 / Michigan, U.S.A.)

Leaves Of Red

Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

Your apparel is stunning as it sways in the wind
Clinging ever so tightly to your rounded form
Colors of fuchsia and fiery red are firmly pinned
Your cheeks are blushing brightly and transformed

Your beauty invites gazes that are transfixed
Travelers pause for a heart-stopping moment
While barren trees stand completely perplexed
Wondering why you are still beaming and content

Is it that you have you been misinformed?
Do you think your flame will offset winter snow?
What inspires and keeps your hopes warm?
I admire your determination even though I know…

Eventually even you will have to submit
To the dreary gray chill of the flu season
Thank you for the lovely glow that you emit
My mood is cheerful and you are the reason

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