DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Leaves Of Time

The leaves of time recall for me, sweet memories of worth,
Reds and Browns and Golden Yellows, seen floating to the earth,
The whispering leaves so softly speak, while piling on the ground,
And winds will scatter them about, 'till brilliant scenes are found.

They covered trees and gathered light, their time has now been run,
The task they bore while on the tree, no longer need be done,
Now drifting to the forest floor, piling on each other,
Just one more task they will perform, then the snow will cover.

For you and I they now will show, the colors they behold,
It's hard to vision views they've seen, the things that could be told,
The life that came to forest green, to forage for some food,
They came to bring new life to Earth, or shield their newborn brood.

For those who searched this forest green, or use its guarded shelter,
Will now find leaves upon the ground, that winds blow helter skelter,
They too can stop and view the scene, or rest upon and ponder,
This magic place we call our own, that God provides for wander.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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