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- Leaves (Thread)
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- Leaves (Thread)

under the dogwood
leaves cover
a cat’s grave

early spring
one leaf still dangles
from the tree

dew drops on a leaf
pick a vein

widow’s diary
pressed rose petal
the last leaf

with the rain drops
leaves flutter to the ground
fall showers

fallen leaves
circusing in the grass

October shower
leaves in the gutter

leaves changing colors
across the landscape
season's chameleons

morning rain
under maple leaves
tap my shoulder

leaves ripple
with melodies
cicadas song

These were published online by Sketchbook. See September/October “leaves” Haiku thread:

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Comments (5)

Beautiful read.Lively and lovely ink.
each one is a gem and threaded together they make for an enchanting necklace....
You have such tremendous imagination at work in everything you write. I was not surprised that you could turn each haiku into a small gem of perfection. (smile)
Wonderful lines, great words you have here, Ben..and oh, I really love these lines.. widow’s diary pressed rose petal the last leaf .............................a touching line, indeed
I have read these over and over and they all have their own charm. Such a variety of images your readers are totally spoilt. My favorite is fallen leaves, circusing in the grass, merry-go-wind. How clever is that! Great work Ben. 10 Karin