I don't feel lost
I feel tied up
The life that I'm in
Is so corrupt

I don't just want out
I need out
I know that I
Can't live without

All these things
I really need
I can't get
Can I be freed?

I'm going off
To make a life
Hopefully I
Can end my strife

I know that there
Will still be trials
But they will come
In different styles

I can handle them
All by myself
But these right now
Are something else

I need out
I need to breathe
I need to break free
I need to leave

Once I get out
I won't come back
I don't care how
Mom will react

I'm sorry Mom
But the way we've lived
Has put me in a hole
That I didn't dig

Once I get out
I can't come back
This is how
I have to act

I will make
It out alive
Believe me now
I will survive!

by Christina Kosemund

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