Poem By Heather Z. Hanna

Leaving will be hard. Maybe harder than anything else.
Just thinking about it is tearing me apart.
I'll climb up on my mountain
And see the whole world before me
And a waterfall of tears
Will flow over hard to far below
Until exhaustion collaspes my soul.
Then quiet solitude will envelope my whole being
Cloaking me from the outer existence of space and time.
And I will mourn
The loss of thee
All over again.
Only more so because we have shared ourselves
With each other for different reasons.

If your reasons were as mine then we would
Share the loss equally.
It would comfort me to know that you feel it, too.
It would comfort me to know that you would continue
With me as friends through the years.
It would comfort me to know that
I am blameless
But that cannot ever be.
I am the source, the spring of my troubles.
All this, in exchange, for some brief time
Where we connect because I crave it so.
You are already free but I give you the gift of knowing,
I will not stand in your way.
I will be a rest stop for your weary Heart
To find comfort in someone who truly cares
And cannot help to be otherwise.
I must stop these tears and have only smiles for you.
Or quiet tenderness
But no tears, no pain!

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