SJ (1991 / arizona)


'No im tired of your games,
i don't want this life for us! '
I couldn't take it,
any longer.

A small grimace,
sat upon his lips,
he was calm,
and at ease,
'This is our life,
this is how it will stay,
you cannot leave me,
you cannot escape.'

I pulled away,
my wrist in his hand,
he didn't let go,
thought he was being a man,
but i knew he wasn't,
he was a child,
he was cruel,
I wouldn't allow for it,
but didn't know what to do.

'Well now this is my life'
i spoke yanking away,
from his grasp,
'I will not live,
playing fallow the leader,
my life,
is not a game,
nor a toy,
so if you wish to see me again,
it will be with the courts employed.'

At that last word,
I left.

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