Leaving And Glad

You've been here many years.
You've seen and made many shed tears.
But with patience and pray we've muddle through.
Now we can all just say so long, and goodbye to you.
I know you won't be sad if you don't hear.
One and all giving that great big cheer.
Your words and actions cut like a knife.
To you we were tools for you to strife.
Retirement for you certainly won't be much fun.
You will have so few with which you can shun.
You didn't worry when you show you didn't care.
Working for and with you was really quite a dare.
With your leaving no poem I must write.
Because you would treat it as trite.
But now I too can be bold and brash.
Some day my words will bring me cash.
For years I was named a trouble maker.
Like some others we were in a big shaker.
You blamed others when things went wrong.
Thats why your poem is so very strong.
They say prayer can move mountains this I believe.
Since now you've been told retire and leave.
You voiced don't dare write a poem for you.
Yet deep in my heart I felt a poem you were due.

by Lois M. Crockett

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