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Leaving Home
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Leaving Home

It's now time to move out of my home
The place where I was free to roam.
For a year it was the haven where I felt safe
Somewhere I could be happy adn hold a little faith.

Throwing out old things I no longer need
I need to start afresh, grow a new life from a seed.
Packing my life into boxes and bags
I got to move on, the past is becoming a drag.

I'm moving into a new place with seven other members
With so many faces and names I have to rememeber.
I feel such a failure as unable to keep a roof over my head
But I can't keep looking back, can't let my paranoia be fed.

Cleaning the windows, my thoughts become clearer
As I shut the door, it's like the end of an era.
Would it be best to forget the past?
Leave it behind me on the garden path.

The tears start to fall as I hand over the key
Losing more of my independence, it feels like people blame me.
I hope one day I will again find my perfect home
Where I can feel safe to sit on my throne!

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

Comments (1)

Ah, , leaving home. So very symbolic and something that you will do several times in your life. No such thing as failure my dear, not judging, as I have handed back more keys than I am comfortable with and probably more to come in my life span. You never will lose yourself, only gaining new experiences and broadening your character and spiritual strength. You will be fine. Don't grieve for what happened in the past - embrace it, you survived it! At least you are moving ON and are not STUCK, like so many poor souls. Have fun my dear and good luck!