(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)


my womb is in the lobby of a clinic
waiting for a technological experiment to take place
my body is worth at least good 18 good credit hours
i used to give birth to flowers
now eggs are on sale for a dollar

If you have a 1400 or more on your S.A.T.'S
you are a prime candidate for un-natural selection
parents who would rather pray for high IQ's
then buy baby shoes
putting expectations on unborn spirits
who would crawl into another mothers body
and replant themselves if they could find the exit
not the cry from a first breath

No, you want an ivy league contender
a computerized homogenized
baby on a carton - missing

who'll make the family proud
what will you do when this new energy
comes out cussing loud?
realizes lost of dummies graduate from college
you will get your nightmare
the child you prayed wouldn't happen
she will be an artist
painting pictures about your sickness
with silk brushes and thick oils
she will write poetry
break away from capitalism
raise enough money
through a non-profit organization
to buy herself back from you
she will crack her own eggs
escape the white shell
worship the yolk of the sun
when you wish not to feel
hold your breath and run
goddesses mothers witches b-girls
will dry our breasts
refuse to feed
so you only have animal milk
for your android seeds
flowers will pull from the soil
curse your microwaved
computer enslaved weed
all women will simultaneously bleeed
turning oceans dry
not one baby girl will cry
as you attempt to grow broccoli
from the desert
we will take our pregnant bodies
drink from underground rivers
wash your face between our legs
while recreating humanity
we will summon yemoja
search for our fertility

Ban all pink and yellow pills!
Ban all pink and yellow pills!

killing fields of ghetto-arm-patch
anti-hatch hate groups
will be bombed
women will become world terrorists
as child birth becomes a communist act
the earth will scream for an IV


A fallopian tube take over
a holy water hostage situation
that you can't find in your test tube replicas
or your body double sex toys
that feel like the real thing
without breathing
today America's fabric
will be ripped into pieces
as we enter
pulling ourselves through the eye of the needle
warriors sewing their ovaries
back into their bodies
waiting for the aftermath of afterbirth
we will destroy your strange science

one ancestor at a time

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