Leaving Peaceful Paradise

Adam and Eve who loved in heavenly grace
Eternally living never growing old
The Greatest Story of Old from which were told
Where human beings received their state

But seeing a snake Eve did wake that day
Not wanting to sleep in garden bliss she yearned
To lessons learned heaven hadn't burned
And day to day she would always stay

So the apple she ate without a regret
And lovingly also serving him the plate
And he agreed that heaven's great state
Would not raise his soul - but only debt.

So the Apple he ate and thanked his wife
And from the Heavenly garden they were thrown.
To live free with choice and lovingly sewn
And make all we know in love and strife

by Brian McBrand

Comments (2)

very good work.... thanks for posting...
Fantastic composition Brian... u have awesomely turned the story into a beautiful poem