(March 2,1960 / Davao City, Philippines)

Leaving Ph

'PH is corruptible,
And senseless too! '
Concluded a poet.
Were the reasons she dropped
And quited writing poems
Here at PH.

Why a poet did that,
And what compelled her?
Had she thought and realized:
That her poems are corruptible,
And senseless too
For the robotics?

Is it not that PH a haven
For poets whose world
Succumb to immortality
With the creation of poetry
Written by those souls
Who are corruptible and senseless?

Poets and non poets
Who love to write poems
Explore the diversities of man
Dare to venture courageously
In this whole imperfect existence
Are welcome (and free to leave) to PH.

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Comments (2)

Commonsense penned with eloquence and sincerity. You're right Marvin, it's about the love of the craft of writing, not the bickering of children. So sad when the ego gets in the way and the toys are thrown out of the pram. Sound advice fellow poet love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks for this poem pare. Well, its true PH is a haven for poets and even non-poets who love to write. Personally, I find a refuge in PH as it really help me not only in easing stress and pains of life haunting my soul but it also help me discover and know the world of other persons. Besides, its a good medium of communication to build friendship and camaraderie among poets and readers. Best wishes and take care, melvin