Leaving You Behind

Poem By Kayla Jo Trimble

My heart starts to fade away,
As you come to mind more, and more each day.
No longer do your eyes mean anything,
For now they are completely gray.

I recall the feelings I felt,
Just as you ran your fingers through my hair.
It was sensational and made me completely melt,
Kind of like the time when you held me real tight.

Your kiss was like snow,
So very delicate, and soft,
But also very cold but it also made you glow.
What really made me sad is the fact when you had let go.

No longer am I sad,
But am infuriated with anger.
To you I am invisible, which also makes me mad,
Because you still can’t see my feelings or the love that I once felt.

I guess that to you I am a doormat,
And that I let everyone walk all over me,
And according to you, I guess I’m hard to look at,
But the thing that makes it funny is that you said you once loved me.

Comments about Leaving You Behind

Ouch! This poem is deep and emotional. Makes me want break out in tears, kayla. Great poem, with a edgy story rythm to back it up. All together it makes a perfect poem. Thanx.

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