TS (17/8/1980 / Kuwait)

Lebanon Vi

Qana, O remember, Qana
smell the pure blood flowing
Do you hear it Condoleezza?
It's Qana, the heaven of heaven

Hear it clearly O devilish
soon it will ring the bells of heavens
Qana O you who filled with blackish
the one under your eyes dropped the skins

In the heights its name is written
there beside the star of Sirius
a place by your eyes cannot be seen
nor predicted by he who called Nostradamus

Yes, look to the ground and smile
what you want is what you got for now
smile and watch your back for a while
and remember the Lord knows what and how

Hold on Lebanon, just hold
the paradise surely will come
the sun was up there made
surely because after the rain, it should come

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