To Be Or Not To Be Jolly

To Be or Not To Be Jolly

The streets are beginning to show off
their flashy red and green duds,
wreaths that hang from every pole and lamp post.
Fake snow and snowmen abound despite the weather.
Bah humbug, bah humbug!

Meanwhile, in each store the familiar
Christmas window dressings announce
this year’s hottest gifts, all discounted now.
“Only 10 days left-and remember our layaway plan! ”
Bah humbug!

Each year the rush begins earlier and earlier,
as though the 12 days of Christmas need
24 days or longer to fully play out its’ role.
Yet there’s still turkey in the fridge and Halloween candy!
Bah Hum…..?

I struggle each year to find that mood-
that festive mood, that allows me to
stop and remember why we go to all this trouble.
That reminds me to slooow.. down, take a breath and remember!
Hmmm? ?

Will I arrive at that place in my head and heart this year
that’s joyful and childlike in its excitement?
or, will I again find my Scrooge sneaking forth?
Once again “It’s A Wonderful Life” begins my transformation.

Am I wrong to want that pure, unbridled excitement that
was so clear, so innocent when I was young?
That feeling that maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for us all.
Maybe then I can shout with feeling again, “God Bless you Tiny Tim”,

“Joy to the world”!

R.Davenport 2002 (C)

by Roy Davenport

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