RH (August 28,1993 / Indiana)

Lee Ann Schaffer, A Great Helper

Mrs. Schaffer,
You've helped me so much,
Now it's my turn,
But I don't know how,
I’m such a clutz.

I needed you so much,
As the child I am,
You have done that so well,
To make the man I am.

I'll need you later,
Then you won't be there,
I'll be so sad,
I pray for your care.

Now I’ve told you,
Just what I think,
That you’re so nice,
I don't want to blink.

by Robert Hall

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Comments (2)

This lady should be humbled and very appreciate of you. You have such a great talent. Does your teacher know how good you are? If your schools like my kids school you probably are not getting proper credit for your talent. But you know how great you are, and keep up the good work. Keep looking to God for comfort and help. Remember Jesus loves you.
OH, MY GOSH! ! ! I've been immortalized! How wonderful this is! There really isn't any way to properly thank you. -but I so want to. I feel quite humbled. Thank you so much.