CE (April! 16,1997 / Hammond Louisiana)

Lee's Death

Lee's death

Christopher Carson Burton
Lee's Death
Lee's death was a tragic a tragic that I knew my beloved Princess was gone.
When she died in my arms I felt sad, and mad about why would the Lord leave me here alone to suffer.
I just wish that the magic of my wish would just bring her back. I just can't mourn and feel sorrow over her tragic loss.
I just want my magic to work
In her beloved eyes I sense that she is scared to be up with the Beloved Lord.
I can't breathe without her light
I suffocate when her mighty self isn't near me
My tears, is like the night that witness something tragic.
Death surrounds my sorrow
Death will never let me see tomorrow
Without her I die too
My sensitivity feelings lies in her.
I am and will always be her lover of memories
This is the end of my own life my love as I take my own life away by drinking thy poison of sins my love
I am hopeless without you my love

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