Left Alone

A Teen left desolate,
To walk a painful, depressed road,
It's dark for shadows can't be seen,

Rain quickly fills the streets,
She has no bed no cover nor sheets

No place to call home,
In the alleys this girl will roam,

A Pale face, dripping tears,
She hides herself, for she fears,
A cold night, for she prepares,

She sees some shelter,
A bridge to settles under,
The flash of lightning,
The rolls of thunder,

But the sound's don't keep her awake,
Because life she is tired,
she holds a razor blade she's acquired,
For it is morning,
The girl does not awake at all
Not a movement,
For she has no future,
No more pain, no more worries

by Ryin Ramsey

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cool poem...hope u have more