Left Behind...

Who Knew....
Your smile lifted upon the moon and sun,
Who Knew....
That you and me could ever have such fun,

Who Knew....
Your eyes lit up like the candle in my heart,
Burning for you ever since the start,

Who Knew....
Your hair blew in the wind as so would your voice,
Every word bringing upon more of a choice,

A choice of what to do next,
A choice of what would be best,
Which of what gave birth,
To what gave girth,

Of what love was soon to come,
But never to be fallen and numb,
But who cares now? right,
For a man that i don't even know is in my sight,

You say you love him you say you care,
You say i wasn't worth it and it was fair,
But i don't believe you not one bit,
I know you love me with all my wit,

Your parents now hate me with all there might,
For hurting you from all there sight,
The sight in seeing what they did not see,
What they could not see,

I knew how you looked into my eyes,
How what you always said were not lies,
You don't love him like you loved me,
When will this you be able to see? ,

My hearts waiting for your everlasting touch,
the touch that always meant so much,
I dream of you every night,
Right in front of this very bright light,

You glow as the angels do,
Never a frown or never blue,

Our hearts where one,
But now are to pawn,
To my last breath of life id give you,
Of which would burn all day and night too,

Your kiss brought upon this sensation that i know you'll never forget,
That bring upon the nights we were together and talked and sit,
Why forget the love that i knew you once had? ,
We could work this out of what is bad,

Times have changed and so have us,
Don't let it end like this my love ill bust,
I could give you more than he could ever give you,
but if hes what you want then thats what you'll do,

Love never did run a smooth path.........................................

by david winkler

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I love this, it's completely relatable, and there are many who feel this way.