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Left Behind
CS (2/9/88 / San Luis Obisbo)

Left Behind

how could i ever think i could trust a person like you?
so many times you left me feeling helpless and even blue
you always said you would never give up on me
when i needed you the most i was stuck with missery
i would cry myself to sleep wishing some one was there
i told myself over and over again that you cared
but, you didn't you never did how couldn't i tell

it was like you sat there and watched me as i fell
i was suffocationg myself, dieing for just another breath
thinking you would save me since you were the only one i have left
i was holding myself under drowning in my own pain
wishing someone would save me
but no one came, i knew for sure i was insane
i was angry, with myself and everyone near
i hated you cause you left me with so much fear
tears fell left and right
you would never hold me tight
though i had never wanted you to
as i'm sinking, you'll never know how you made me feel
as you sit and wonder, i think is this hate for real.

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