CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)

Left Behind

My surrondings are unclear,
I try not to steer, in the wrong direction,
I try my best,
To fulfill my test.
But it's too late, I have failed
For which I can tell
That shadows surround me
I can not see.

I'm blinded by the darkness,
I'm too ill to be guided,
The light that was once in me,
Has finally faded.
So far, so cold,
Out of the light that held me,
Is now all gone,
I can't not breathe.

Sufficating, choking, and dying,
I lay silently for the bells,
That which will ring my death,
Something is unfelt, till it's too late.
My heart hurts with guilt,
I try to stand,
But I can't, I can't
I've lost that helping hand.

Nothing around me,
I struggle to get free,
But nothing is left,
I am all alone.
All bitter inside,
Torn to pieces,
This lesson is learned,
I've learned what it teaches.

I stare into history,
That I once would have seen,
I finally choke for the final time,
I began to bleed.
Suddenly more cold than ever,
This is it, I'm almost there,
Blood is gone, I become anxious,
That loved one isn't there,
That loved one doesn't care!

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Maya Angelou

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