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Left In The Rain
CDI (10/12/1989 / )

Left In The Rain

You run away in the rain.
I feel like an ass.
My heart is in such pain.
If only I showed some class.

I keep going back to that day.
And I feel worse every time.
Your gone, but I will stay.
No use running from my crime.

I know I could still have you.
And it would only take a letter.
But I know that I am not true.
And that you deserve better.

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Comments (4)

Yes what you are saying is I need to have respect towards others I agree that you need to do it
This is a very powerful poem. *Sierra*
Powerful sentiments, so heart-felt and honest I love this A poem of real quality love duncan X
Close to my life, your poem has parked itself in my memory and stirs up my guilt. Powerfully delivered. -T. Bell