DU (11-18-1987 / Justice, IL)

Left Of Me

I rested my heart on your shoulder
I rested my heart when it got colder
I hoped you would find the right
I hoped you would find me tonight
I treated you with respect
What did you expect?

You chose another
Another partner
I gave you what you need
I gave you a reason to believe

Whats left of this man
Whats left of me
I'll do what I can
To find the key
I am split open in two
Split into me and you
You took my heart and ran
You took my heart and stole
I don't know i can
Go on knowing your a mole

Whats left of me
Is nothing more than a object
Nothing more than reject
Caught in the crossfire
Out on a misfire

You left him for reason
Left him because you weren't happy
You were just teasin
Started gettin snappy
Why go back if you know it ain't true
You know that I would always love you

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