MS (08/22/1991 / Houston)

Legacy (2015)

As a body, we have lowered our standards.
As a body, we consciously weaken our abilities to be known
To a nation who are blinded by our success and open- minded
To the failure we put on as individuals.
It sadden me
It sadden me to understand that we are God's most beautiful creation, but too
stubborn to walk towards our purpose; when the opportunity position itself.
It sadden me to understand that we are quick to grab acceptance of violence within our minds, body and soul.
While destroying the information that can help us reach the next level.
It sadden me to understand that we are quick to accept the hypocrisy of our characteristics like wolves in sheep clothes to a congregation.
Our mission are no longer seen to impact the community but drain it.
Our mission is like taking a idea of a child; though they are beautiful
As parents, we fail to realize that they still need to be nurtured.
As a body, we need to be nurtured again.
Today the opportunities have awaken.
As a community, we neglect ourselves from reaching greatness.
Though our minds have a connection to our bodies.
Both share no engagement in taking wisdom as a adversary to excellence towards our careers.
As a community, we are the brand to the next generation
So for our reputation
For the men, we should carry the spirit of a lion
Showing leadership and great abilities to achieve greater in our education; while creating guidelines to lead the nation with hope & confidence.
For the women, you should carry the spirit of a white swan
By showing focus more towards the beauty in your character.
And not just the outer appearance.
By also showing that you are a great asset in your own skin.
And if we show those characteristics
No longer will we be disrespected with our foolishness but respectful by the right decision we make as a unity.
In order for us to change the atmosphere. We as the community, have to change ourselves individually.
Once hair turns gray,
Your sons and daughters can look back towards your legacy
Having the same desire to start their own astonish legacy with their children.
I believe we as people need to remind ourselves of what our Ancestors constantly express to us.
Equipping not only knowledge but character.
They not only have shown wisdom but life lessons that help us reach our highest potential.

I believe we should have programs where we can reach great favor in expanding our nation.
I believe we can be equal if we work together.
I believe we should put in our agenda to have time to love each other like rose planted in the garden of justice
I believe the youth can be respectful to the elderly but while inspired by the wisdom that blows in the wind. With faith you can be known around the world as the examples.
With faith, I believe by overcoming obstacles and changes we are the faces of tomorrow.
But before life blow our your eardrums, Let's first strive towards our pursuit for happiness.

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Langston Hughes


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