Legacy Lost

We say that end of days have come
See all its signs on horizon
In Bliss we see a bash of last
And clocks are set upon countdown

And say that time has come to stop
And hence no hope has scope to prop
And earth our every dream we got
And let lethargy walk atop

If live, we live life in anguish
If wish, we wish as last of wish
If dream, we dream to never rouse
If sail, we sail not to furnish

If love, we love to feed the lust
If give, we give to ask in turn
If pray, we pray without a hunch
If trust, we trust it with unrest

Have thought like this those men of past
Not me nor you were their to ask
Been they have not crossed sea of frost
And let us all, their sons be lost

Had not they shown their valor then
Had not they blown their trumpet when
They saw the world to sink in blood
What must have been our futures then?

This day we live upon these lands
And sing their pomp, and cry in thanks
Is not what they just thought for us?
But hoped for us to bear their flags

We not suffice their bated breath
And hide behind a shell of threat
We not attempt to live at all
We die before our day of death

by Gulam Abbas Hashmi

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