MH (10/13/1990 / )

Legalize My High

Feeling so alive just hours ago.

I think it's time for another round from my favorite bowl.

Gonna grind that good down,

just the right amount.

To light it up and suck it down;

i got this unda control.

Oh please just say so!

People are talking 'bout what they want us to hear

that my medicine isn't worth their time,

but I gotta whine- its what makes me live

And how can i live without that ganja lift?

This fire is burning for me

and I'd love to set you free.

So, sit on down and pass this round

Let's get higher with my best tree.

Just take it slow, and breath out that smoke.

C'mon and take a toke,

Mary would be so proud.

So don't criticize my liberty

to be free, to get free, with my weed.

No ones gonna lose their life,

so stop lying to me.

Baby, what's this negativity?

We got this industry

to make the world a whole lot betta

And make the people forget their troubles,

so then why must you hate on me?

I got this power, but he's holdin me down.

That bastard laughs at my pound.

And they still think hes a savior, but he ain't saving me.

I guess a stoner has no intelligence worth saving, Oh I see!

But I take another hit and forget the worse,

the best is yet to come.

And take another drag and empty the bag,

I guess it's that time to get some.

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