Lemur In The Mirror

You know those with the big long fingers,
the ones when they point at you,
the natives say, you are going to die?

Well, they pointed at me in a zoo.
They singled me out in San Diego.
And everyone in the crowd ran away.
As if the brother who stole,
or the sister who sold her body.

I was afraid to go home
why I was late making your favorite supper.
Trembling, thinking that if I returned
I would need to confess this,
that you’d call me 'crazy'.

'That is crazy', said the voice in the mirror.
I knew you would say that without me having to say it.


Comments (1)

Marina, and interesting 'self-conversation' which keeps the reality check in check. I hadn't heard of the Lemur prophecy but I had heard that if an Orang Utan urinated on you, you were in BIG trouble. I'm still awaiting an outcome on that one... Rgds, Ivan