Lenny Gazbowski - Acrostic.

L eaning towards my
E go is not recommended
N ever is if sanity is to prevail
N ot that I have ever embraced sanity myself
Y ou will often see me dancing with everyone I don't know

G etting to know me can cause many
A larming lapses because I can always call on my imaginary
Z ulu warriors who keep watch on my
B ack even when the Sun has slipped away
O ver some romantic horizon
W here naked lovers laugh and drink iced tea while
S itting in the middle of a
K issing choir of blind nuns who
I nitiate the uneducated atheist passers by.

Lenny Gazbowski(c) 2014

by Lenny Gazbowski

Comments (1)

Very creative and a prolific acrostic, the lines convey a delightfully revealing portrait of you.