Tender Mercy

I crave for your tender mercy God
For it means alot to me
I am a sinful soul
So seek love and mercy from thee

For you're ever loving and kind
And only you can show me the way
That will lead me to heaven my God
And will brighten my whole life's day

For I'm all soaked in the worldly
Things that are all around
And just want more everyday
In this life's merry go round

I wish to be on the top
Of this world and things in it
And want for my selfish soul
Every warmth and good in bits

Please forgive me my Lord
And show me the way to cease
And soften my bitter heart
And put in it mercy and peace

Please let me spread my light
And show kindness to all my Lord
And forgive my sinful soul
For it means alot my God.

by Seema Chowdhury

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i am impressed by your elasticity when it comes to word use.this is q nice poem.